No Easy Answer, Deep Water

Integrity and Hypocrisy

In one of Deep Water's columns he asked us whether there was an antonym for integrity.

Even though the word seems fairly familiar to many of us when it came time for me to comment on his column I knew what I wanted to say until it came time to spell it out on a keyboard.

I did provide a comment however, while feeling it was either incomplete or erroneous to some degree.

As the morning wore on I eventually was prompted by my unease to use the feature in Google which could illustrate the relationship between two words.

Although I Am sure that the word hypocrisy has a strong relationship to the word integrity I also am quite sure that it is not a case of simple opposites.

The first answer I found in Googling the two words helped but took two pages of text to do the job.

The end result resembled what I felt concerning the two words however I seem to be no closer in attempting to reduce such an explanation to a few sentences.

That is a sticking point in philosophy, ethics and morality issues.

We all have unique impressions of words and when we feel the use of any particular one is appropriate.

The Chinese people I have come in contact with might consider integrity a little more seriously than the average Caucasian.

This is just a personal observation and I might stand corrected by someone more familiar with philosophy and ethics.

However when I do hear or see the word I usually have a good idea of what the user intended to communicate.

That may seem a little pretentious but take it as offered for there is my feeling on the use of a word that I usually feel is not taken lightly even among Caucasians.

In reviewing this column at a much later time I realize that it is worthy of more effort on my part as I come up with something that can stand the test of open commentary.

Whether or not a person can be considered to have integrity may by more of a value judgement than an actual measure that has any universal acceptance.

How broad of a field can be considered when evaluating the level of personal integrity evidenced by an individual.

Would a larger group of individuals that I would generally considered an entity due to a common characteristic be considered to either posess or lack integrity?

I will leave this topic for a while but do intend to return and give it additional attention. 06/10/2016


Happened by this column and now wonder how much integrity may by a judgement as to how well a group responsible for defining the word might judge an individual it considers a a representative of it.

Could an individual represent a value that the group considers valuable yet has few or no individuals within it who exhibit it's characteristic?

Integrity may not have intrinsic value to that group or could an individual be falsely judged as having little integrity where the actual case being that the members of the defining group did not?


© 2015 Albert 1 - 10/26/15

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