'Cu' Primo Trano'

'When the First Train Passes'

Nana Christina, my 100% Sicilian Grandmother, who had a  limited command of the English Language had a ready answer available on the tip of her tongue any time she was asked when some remotely possible event was to occur, especially when the questioner was a certain favorite grandson.

The true possibility of the said event from ever happening was to her very much like the  expectation of when the first train would ever pass outside the door of where she then lived.

Originally, Nana Christiana had lived in a small  village in the mountainous region of the island of Sicily.

If one was to study a map it would quickly be apparent that the closest railroad track to the Village of Valledolmo ran far enough away from it  to require the assistance of public transportation just to be able to carry a heavy steamer trunk down a mountain then out of the valley that 'Valle de Olmo' (Vallley of the Elm Trees) was named after.

Nana Christina, her husband, son and daughter left their home for the last time in 1902 to travel to America where it was rumored that the money grew on trees.

I still recall the special events at their new home in Livonia New York where my Father and his seven brothers and sisters would ask my grandparents to wait in the other room while they decorated a Christmas tree with dollar bills.

The first train never passed near  Valledolmo but it travelled well in my Grandmother's heart all the way from Valle de Olmo to Livonia, New York

© 2015 Albert 1 - 10/19/15

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