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Thanks to Bob Lonsberry deleting one of my recent comments to his column (I thought he outgrew doing that) and Zjab's column today that I feel needs a little more focus on, I have decided to renew my WOTL subscription for another year.

Mary Elizabeth (Tar Baby to you old time WOTLers) and I were married in Highland Park a few years ago  with the Rev Jim Martin officiating.

Now that I  have become a little more adjusted to married life after having been single for seventy five or so years, I feel the time is right to put my thinking cap back on and get back to writing.

A very successful cateract surgery on my one good eye has made a great difference in my quality of life (and possibly my typos) as has my new desktop Lenovo computer.

So here I AM as are all my previous columns for you to like or lump as you may choose to do.

Unlike one or two writers in the past here I will not delete comments to my writing  due to they being negatively critical but will on occasion delete for other reasons which I usually will make mention of.

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