The Tale of Frustrated Astronomer

One more for the bucket list

One part of my earlier life I have not given enough exposure to here on WOTL, is my past attempt to further my personal involvement with the world of astronomy.

In my fourth grade leisure activity I organized an astronomy club that won a prize at the Hemlock Fair with our map of the Solar System.

When visiting relatives living in Escondido California I declined an invitation to hike the nearby path to the Palomor Observatory.

Now a few years later I regret having passed on such an opportunity.

Palomar was in my youth a place I had dreamed of visiting and experiencing first hand.

I have so far in my life experienced close up some very unique scientific achievements, including being invited to see the DSRV that photographed the Titanic. My cousin had designed the pressure housing for one of it's external remotely operated cameras.

I guss some objectives like,peering through an observatory's giant telescope might remain in my buccket forever, but at least I can lay claim to riding the Orient Express, albeit the ninteen sixty's version of it from Frankfort to Amsterdam.


© 2013 Albert 1 - 8/30/13

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