She Who ' Never Was' Will Be

Part of a major announcement this Spring

Despite reports to the contrary, the original Tar Baby AKA Mary Elizabeth exists and will figure in a major announcement this Spring involving myself as assisted by another Long time WOTLer.

I see no need provide further details prior to the necessary passage of time other than to prepare a few other WOTLers to eat some crow.

What I wrote a few years ago concerning Tar Baby about what she wrote was all true as future events will reveal, meanwhile I hope that two specific individuals reading this are able to continue with their lives without questioning too harshly their own ability to discern what I write of is truth rather than imagining I am continually attempting to deceive.

This is not a guessing game so don't bother even offering any.

I do however want to thank two other two WOTLErs for agreeing to be major players in a future event I will be reporting here this Spring.

Until that time I wish to offer my wishes to one and all for a better time in the future than they have experienced in the past.

Meanwhile, continue to read these columns if you choose to comment that would be great.

WOTL continues to play a large role in my life for which I Am thankful.

Part of what I have benefitted from is due in part to the participation of this community. I could only hope that others benefit as I have by doing so. WOTL is much more than a spectator sport!

© 2013 Albert 1 - 1/26/13

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