'Conservative'?? Christians, and Islamists (Including the Taliban)

Uncomfortable parallels

Although I was raised in a family that went to a Roman Catholic church I never "bought their package"

Roman Catholicism (American version is much less conservative now), unlike certain large mainstream "Christian denominations, including one in particular that still has extreme views of personal modesty, sexuality in general, Biblical Truths, and adherence to a core philosophy of social conformity.

I no longer can sit an read one of that religion's proponents columns without commenting on the glaring parallels between it as exemplified by some columns and center and center-right to extreme Right Christianity plus an almost identical pattern in contemporary Islam.

For this person and her many fellow "Christians" I might suggest the judgmental philosophy held on personal sexuality, blind faith, and attitudes concerning those not of their faith being on a lower spiritual plane seems more similar than not to what an ayatollah or Imam might be heard promoting concerning Islam and many of it's practices..

Just one person's opinion of course, but regardless of Beck's, Limbaugh's and O'Rielly's blatant contentions, those like me are not "attacking Christianity" but neither will we continue to be silent when We feel under attack as many of have felt most of our lives for our less conformist social philosophy usually classified as "Liberal".

© 2010 Albert 1 - 10/17/10

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