From the Catbird's Seat ---latest report on Z man's test report

does it matter?

I just completed a brief scan of the present WOTL hoo-ha involved with Z-Man's report on the Pew religious test.

First a little self promotion here, Albert answered the Friday Sabbath question correctly due to recalling observing the observant Jews in Brighton NY walking to Temple on Friday.

That memory reminded me of when their Sabbath begins.

The rest of the test was a piece of cake.

Reading some of the arguments and positions of the various respondents (Even Peter's) reminded me on how close the Mormon psyche is now to what the Catholics used to teach that only the "True Believers" would get to Heaven.

Jim offered the best quotes and I found Tom's input similar to my own.

I have a rather tongue-in-cheek suggestion concerning what Holy Book or Scripture might serve the logical thinker.

How about a good current unabridged dictionary?

Seriously, one of the course I just took mentioned observations and comments concerning nature "The Book of Nature" (not a real printed on paper one btw) as superior to The Bible..

That was back in history when the "Age of Reason" began to compete with the Bible Believers for the mind of man (and woman) and still is!!

It seems Z-Man is unable to see the possibility that an individual can be a "believer" in something other than the invisible man in the clouds and still think logically in the process.

Just a reminder, I claim to have that ability and exercise my right to use it.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 10/6/10

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