'The silence of the lambs' (of God) and His sheep.

Say it loud and say it clear

Christians prefer to liken themselves as 'lambs of God'. Some critics of religious group liken those adherents to easily led sheep. Let me mention then that I have witnessed a sheepish reaction to something that is a clear threat to a group of sincere Jesus followers who seem indifferent to obvious 'wolves' in one of their most precious of gatherings. adherents of the form of Christianity who deem themselves 'Latter Day Saints' or Mormons gather annually in Palmyra New York to celebrate their religion publicly.

They kindly offer a beautiful reenactment of the legendary acquiring of a set of golden tablets from the Angel Moroni by their Prophet Joseph Smith founder of a Reorganized Church

As part of this religious extravaganza they offer open air free seating to the public to witness in song and acting this miraculous aspect of their faith's religious history that is performed absolutely without charge for those who come to share in their celebration.

This past July as I was driving to a gun Show in Baldwinsville New York my route took me through Palmyra the week that the Mormon pageant was in town.

Within the center of this area is the village of Palmyra's Main Street where I had once had lived for fourteen years.

I have always had an added interest in the Mormon pageant and it's people as they milled around Palmyra's Main Street which is also the area's normal business section.

The Grandin Building where the Book of Mormon was first published still stands on the street as tribute to it's history and if I Am not mistaken has been reacquired by the Mormon Church to preserve it's heritage.

Unfortunately in my estimation, during my passage through the village, parked almost directly in front of the Grandin Building was a large billboard proclaiming the falsity of many things dear to the Mormon religion.

This inspired me to research some of the claims detailed on that billboard that did make interesting reading although in my research by computer search engine Icould find almost no refutation of those accusations.

In my opinion when something is in my face that I dislike because it is false I will often let others know my feelings on the matter.

If I consider accusations to consist of refutations of claims of my beliefs and/or knowledge I will work to shed the light of truth on such actions and let the results speak for them selves when truth meets lies.

I remain puzzled why these 'Lambs of God' haven't done so and if they have why their effort seems so indifferent to obvious attacks such as I witnessed that day in Palmyra.

Furthermore the lack of on line refutation to these accusations I witnessed in my on line research remains puzzling as I would imagine that officials in that Church have access to good media relations techniques. I found such refutations woefully lacking when employing a search engine to research controversies involving the validity of Mormonism.

The 'wolves' seem confident enough in their ability to penetrate one of the holiest celebrations of that flock of 'Lambs of God' with their accusations; at least that is the impression I was left with.

Perhaps I Am missing something but if I were part of that church's public relations effort, I would have parked a bigger billboard next to the one bearing those accusations where it would 'say it loud and clear' that the Church's religious practices and history were founded in and continue to represent Truth.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 8/20/10

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