My first exposure to the spiritual elite

This might have been missed in my present activity.he

I was born to Roman Catholic parents, was baptized, received First Communion and further instruction in catechism classes resulting in Confirmation.

Throughout all this I can safely say I never "bought the package" and do not consider myself as a Roman Catholic today despite being involuntarily baptised in infancy.

I do however recall much of my experience and lessons from within the Catholic experience and remain convinced that Roman Catholicism is an elitist form of organized religion that many consider possessing an exclusive and unique path to God.

As I have matured and been exposed to others in the field of organized religion I now perceive many faiths as elitist. These now include both Islam and the Latter Day Saints along with my original Roman Catholicism.

This is my personal opinion based upon how elitism is officially defined rather than it's common usage in the vernacular.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 8/19/10

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