Spiritual Elitism and an inconvenient question-repost from 2010

Does your faith qualify?

I hold a personal opinion shared by many that despite the spiritual paradigm expressed by many adherents of organized religion that they don't, all spiritual paths do really lead to God.

A comment I received recently from Jay mentioned,as he correctly assumes, that all roads do not 'lead to Rome' as was once claimed by egocentric Romans.

I don't fault the Romans for that elitist presumption since in their reality and context of history Rome was the center of their civilized world.

I really wonder if all spiritual elitists who hold the view that their faith or 'path to God' is the one true one can admit that as fact and furthermore realize such an attitude or determination qualifies as elitism.

Perhaps they are right in their assumption and perhaps I Am however a logical proof requires more than circular reasoning where a 'claimed fact' without logical support is the basis for what they consider Truth.

It may be written in a Catholic catechism, Jewish Torah or even the Book of Mormon that the spiritual systems contained within are true and perhaps superior to others, except of course those such as me who choose not to accept such contentions on someone's faith alone.

If one has an elitist faith that presumes only those who follow it will find God that is their right to choose that belief.

Elitism is not evil in itself and only would become so if evil flows from it.

Good can and does flow from all faiths at times so I Am not one to deny anyone the right to choose their path and I certainly do not consider my own as superior or exclusive. If I choose to see all paths as intrinsically good and able to play a role on one's spiritual maturation that is my right to hold that opinion.

I could even consider reasons to call my own path elitist although doing so would be a stretch.

As a mystic rather than one who identifies with organized religion, I Am part of a much smaller group that has a rather specialized spiritual perspective as measured by the church going population in general.

One opinion I do hold is that I do not expect to 'sell' my spiritual paradigm ad one that others would generally benefit from.

I realize what may be important or true to me only is so due to the entire context of my seventy-two years.

At a much earlier period in my life I thought that I could 'sell' a particular philosophy. Though experience I have learned that the best 'salesman' is a good example. Some have in the past explored some of the philosophy I have found personally valuable.

Lately however I realize the importance of the entire and undivided nature of what I have experienced and the sequences which make my life impossible to duplicate or imitate.

The end result is something quite unique and applicable to only my personal needs.

I do continue to self express through my writing but not as an agent for any specific religion or philosophy.

I can sincerely claim not being a spiritual elitist if the word elite continues to mean whnat the dictionary defines it as.

I Am very convinced that those I deem spiritual elitists consider me as condemning their paradigms(one said I waa 'picking a fight with Christianity') Thy see me as attempting to lord over them with my own superior attitude.

Since they seem unable to see all spiritual paths except their own as valid that would include my own.

I Am not writing to convince them to the contrary but do hope some day they can accept my own philosophy as a sincere one which can make some sense if judged on a logical basis.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 9/3/13

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