The end of a Miracle

There'll be blood in the water again

I knew it would end sometime but had no idea when. When it did I accepted it with a smile since it proved to me that such was possible and we as consumers are being short changed by not having such a seeming miraculous product available.

What is was this "miracle" that actually saved me a considerable sum of money since it was hundreds of shaves ago that I placed a Wilkinson Sword double edged razor blade in my antique razor handle and enjoyed the savings that ensued as I could laugh every time I saw a Gillete or Schick ad touting their multiple blade razors that at best would last for a few shaves when used to shave my tough beard.

Not selling a blade like that Wilkinson is of course a smart economic decision that Gilette and Shick have made.

Gilette did sell a more durable blade many years ago but quickly ceased the practice when their total sales dropped of as consumers were able to use the same blade for more shaves.

Even wilkinson who still makes double edged blades do not have one on the market similar to thew one that gave me the hundreds of shaves.

I suspect it was either mistakenly produced or sold in a test market. I bought mine on the internet along with others with the same markings that doesn't seem to provide more than one or two weeks of good shaving.

Since buying that blade I actually tried another high priced one that promised eternal sharpness that it did not deliver.

I still find the new Wilkinson blades as a good value despite a little occasional blood in the water. The newer Gilette and Shick multiple blade razors are safer to use if one doesn't mind paying over a dollar each for them and replacing them after a few shaves.

The present Wilkinson brand double edged blades can be purchased for approximately fifty cents each on the internet.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 7/8/10

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