At least they look

as if it mattered

Having a Zero on the total of comment column of my latest effort does not disturb me as much as it might a narcissist for I Am aware of another metric which is only available to we writers as that scoring must be accessed by password.

That score concerns the number of total readers that click on a column's title.

There is no way for anyone but the column's writer to know that number.

I realize that a relationship exists between column's number of readers and comments offered. In the public area of WOTL that score is significant but could indicate different reasons depending on the writer involved and their style.

It also does not indicate how many comments that writer may have deleted.

Initially I realize a many new readers will click on a column I write, begin to reader, lose interest and move on.

Long time readers will avoid clicking on a writer once it is decided that the reader doesn't care for a writer's style.

I also have discovered the value of a "catchy" title. It catches readers although may not hold them sufficiently to generate commentary.

I still remain amazed on how much response I generate from some columns even when associated comments are few.

There also seems to be a dearth of readers who are able to go beyond the b=logging and actually appreciate thinking of something not relevant to current news items.

WE have a few writers able to write about other topics even though they may not generate the number of comments such a column might have in the early days of WOTL.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 7/5/10

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