We all serve

our Buddah Nature

There was once a WOTLer who as soon as she saw the word Buddha or Buddhism her mind reflexively shut off as she was a "Christian" and her way thinking about other religions than Christianity was that they were superfluous or worse!

I have no doubt others here feel the same way so if you are one you might as well turn the page now or advance to the next column.

In my opinion religion is not about which is the "most correct" form of worship or way of life. Even though I have derived much value from my Roman Catholic upbringing I would never claim it as being all inclusive or without error.

I consider all human thought and activity in the same regard.

No "Perfect Masters" "Ultimate Religions" or any such thing that obviates further inquiry into the unknown.

What I have learned and tried works to the extent that my intellect can accept.

My intellect is a God given gift so I use it in good faith that it is better to use it than deny it's utility .

Am I convinced that I know more than some?, of course. More than others? Of course not.

Is it about what I know ?, yes;, more than what someone tells me if they cant prove me wrong ? Definitely!

The Buddhists teach that we all serve our "Buddha Nature"

My impression of this is that we all function as designed, whether the designer is nature or God. In fact is there any difference?

In a previous column I equated Life with God. That still makes a lot of sense to me.

Like the title of this column claims, "We all serve" when I qualify that by adding "Buddha Nature" I know I lose the Christian Zealots who only see life from that perspective and don't consider non-Christians as "serving" as well as they do.

It pleases me that I have encountered some professed Christians who are open minded sufficiently to allow wisdom to enter their minds that does not originate from the Bible or their Church's hiearchy.

Some were Jesuit scholars others, plain folk with an interest in examining the life they lead.

If some choose the straight and narrow path of Orthodox Christianity or any other religion , so be it.

If others pick a path less chosen, me being one of them, I only want to be considered as also on a path rather just lost because I Am not on the one my detractors have chosen and consider the only valid one.

Some people see Christians and Non-Christians as the two divisions of humanity.

Others see Christians, Jews, Muslims and even Atheists as making up the World's faiths and philosophies.

What makes one philosophy superior to the other?

© 2010 Albert 1 - 6/4/10

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