Does agency legitimize ministry?

Are missionaries doing God's work or just a narrow interpretation of it?

Ministry, in part, is service to others. In doing so the persons administering the service usually are furthering a principle or agenda thaey feel a duty towards.

In fact when I was first introduced to the concept of agency I was eventually able to see this feeling that religionists considered themselves "agents of God". When considered such within their own belief system or society I can fully support the strong lifestyle that usually results from such a philosophy.

Beyond being a society of true believers that any religion represents, lies the rest of the world's societies that are comprised of people with differing beliefs. For the most part believers of one philosophy, those of another, and even those with none have managed to coexiast.

We are all aware of the concept of religious missionaries that represent many different faiths and perform a service to others not of their faiths.

A dual purpose is usually accepted as motivation for such misson work. To help others, and possibly convert them to the same faith as the sponsoring mission.

The only reservation I have with such activities is when the missionary person is misinformed about the people they administer to. The concept of the "native heathen" is classic despite some of these "heathens" being involved in very old religious philosophies.

If asked it might be discovered that these "heathens" or others considered as following a false faith consider the agency of their religion just as legitimate as the one held by the missionary serving them.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 5/12/10

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