Billy Grahm, Barack Obama and 'God's agent' Franklin

Will "they" ever "get it"? The "true beleivers that is

On 5/3/2010 I witnessed Billy Graham's son Franklin being interviewed on television by a skilled reporter.

The background of that appearance was a report of The President making a respectful courtesy call to Billy Graham at Billy's home, and a brief clip of Billy's mentionin of the visit.

This was followed by a mention that Graham's son Franklin had been disinvited to the White House by the current administration.

The reporter asked a direct question as to whether Franklin considers the President as being evil or representing it.

Franklin Graham dodged giving a direct answer but made no mistake that he considered his faith as superior and an exclusive path to Heaven.

I have no doubt that any President who invited such a zealot to the White House would be seen as endorsing Graham's exclusivity and favoring one specific faith over another or none.

I comment Obama or the advisors who disinvited Franklin Graham. They were demonstrating that such an attitude that Graham represents no longer has special favor in the Administration.

Perhaps the era of true equality under law is finally dawning in America. Previously there have always been many signs that an elite class of citizenry consider their Judeo-Christianity as giving them favored status in American government.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 5/4/10

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