Seeking the Agents of God, part two

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The concept that one can represent or be considered an Agent of God has been one of the most intriguing claims I have ever witnessed as coming out of organized religion.

I have witnessed many fantasitic claims originating in organized religion and also have seen claims and practices that could be claimed as credentials for anyone claiming agency.

Of course if God truly gave a person He desired to be an agent for what He stood for, the best credentials would be something unambiguous like a set of rules on stone tablets, golden sheets, or some other such divine object.

I Am aware that some claim agency on that basis. If true, the evidence of such credentials would be helpful, however they have yet to have been proven to exist other than the unsubstantiated word of someone's claim.

By mentioning my skepticism I do not totally reject the concept of agency however I will not commit to accepting or recognizing agency concerning what in my opinion involves speculative spirituality.

I have seen many claims of agency within religious philosophies and have followed up on some by adopting a hypothesis for testing in my own life.

Of course I have never done so blindly. I have found claims in ancient scriptures other than Judeo-Christian that bore closer examination and testing and continue to do so.

No example of such scripture I have respected has directly claimed agency.

I do consider those claiming agency as committing to being able to validate their credentials, something I personally have not witnessed.

Until the word is re-defined in a contemporary dictionary I will continue to use it as defined presently when considering agency as part of any organized religion's claim.

I have written previously of what my attitude remains as when any individual or group attempts to redefine a dictionary or insist on using a privaate definition that may exist in some glossary that they claim is superior to a source we all can agree on using.

Previous uses of the word agent have been very unambiguous. I do not suspect that those claiming agency for God intend the meanung of the word agent or its associated ones to be in any way misinterpreted or ambiguous.

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