Seeking the agents of God-Part One

credentials would be a good start-double talk would not

I Am a human being just like others reading this. Some are more intelligent than me and some less. The society I was born into gives me an equal status and rights in many areas of life involved in this society.

No one here is born with any special powers stemming from their birth or family that gives them dominion over others as is done in some cultures. I have studied and been exposed to many cultures around the world and have even been privileged to live among some quite different than the one I was borne in.

I was born into a family with cultural roots stretching far back into Sicilian-Roman Catholic religion and began religious instruction at around age nine.

Being intelligent and inquisitive when presented with religious concepts by the priest of our church, I recognized discrepancies in some of the logic of the dogma he presented that he was either unwilling or unable to clear up via the questions I asked him.

After graduating from high school and beginning to earn money of my own I began a formal study of mysticism and the human mind that continues to this day.

I have experienced many humans claiming to be agents of God, which is of course quite a pretentious claim. However when the question of credentials certifying that agency arose they always seem to have presented something less than satisfactory if my concept of God was the one they are laying claim to.

Many of these "agents" are sincerely true believers who I can respect for their sincere and moral lives. Still I Am unconvinced of any credentials presented so far that their agency is superior to knowledge I have acquired by other means. In fact I consider such knowledge contradictory in many aspects to what I have learned and experienced.

A person claiming agency to represent something or act in a specific way must be able to verify that agency with credentials to have credibility as an agent. Interestingly enough I have encountered persons whose lifestyle might be sufficient evidence to be considered agents credentials however they have represented many different faiths and even the philosophy of non-believers called atheism.

The fact is that those I might consider as being true agents of God by their lifestyles do not all represent one formal religion or philosophy. A major part of my own paradigm does not consider external reality as the only source of spiritual Truth. This is the core philosophy of the mystic.

In my own opinion and that of other mystics the agent of God that will eventually reveal it's true nature and purpose is the same human soul that all religionists accept as actually being the eternal essence of being that is central to our being.

It's exact nature in my opinion is quite different than is taught by some religions and would require a column of its own for me to better define.

I accept the philosophy that some other individuals require external guidance and support for their spiritual path just as I once did to reach the point I write from now.

It is interesting that I have seen a little written on the spiritual process called Atonement. Few seem to accept it's full meaning or recognize it as attainable by humans before dying as in my opinion it only requires a realization and recognition why the separation remains..

Those seeking "Truth" remind me of the person in the woods who sees the trees and does not recognize they are what the forest is made of. It is an old but importand Truth that ALL flows from God.

In my own opinion God being seperate from Man (or Woman) is only a delusion albeit a difficult one to see past while ego runs amuck.

No, I do not claim that Man IS God for the imperfections of the body and ego are proof enough of mortality.

However there is common agreement among many faiths that the soul is eternal. That is a good starting moint for another column some day.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 5/3/10

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