Elegy at sunset: a tribute for Memorial Day

a Scot's lament

Tears of longing Pipes of Pain

A mournful tribute to those fallen in battle like tattered rags

no more to rise and face the Sun his men once proud,

now the last one's kneeling his soft pipes play Life's mourning song

as raindrops fall and mix with blood

to wash away a love denied

as never more his Clan shall live

Albert Vallone

I last I dedicated this poem to Tim,a writer here and another soul on the road less travelled. I assured his wife and family that he did not travel this road alone nor was he alone while writing on WOTL.

He often commented on my column as I did on his.

I regret never meeting him in life but feel honored I was able to carry our condolences to his family. . I would like to add that it can be too late meeting a friend you made on line if you wait for their obituary to appear in the newspaper

. I feel fortunate in having met many WOTLers in person and hope to meet more before my name in the paper indicates that opportunity has passed.

© 2003 albert vallone - 5/9/16

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