My Fifth Freedom

To serve in Light of Truth

As I began my series on the Four Freedoms I considered delaying their start due to the importance of what in my opinion is a principle interwoven in all Freedoms.

Anyone involved in the discussion of freedom generically or as a specific will soon recognize that it means different things to different people.

Another way to state this is to say freedom is relative to circumstances of the observer. I mentioned Robert Stroud the Birdman of Alcatraz who while incarcerated and lacking in most of the freedoms we take for granted had the freedom to pursue a study of birds.

In relative terms that was probably the freedom most important to him.

Many of us have worked five days a week and had the weekend of two days off however the person who works six treasures the one day off and those who work seven find values in free hours in a portion of the day.

Again all relative to the circumstance of the observer or experiencer.

Now that my windup is complete I will introduce the freedom I value and seek to continue serving.

Many years ago I was asked by the son of a Judge in his fathers presence at their family table, who or what I served and was unable to give a clear answer as I never thought of my presence there as service although upon reflection it was both service and an honor to be in that trusted family circle.

If knowledge can be seen as light dispelling the darkness of ignorance then I serve the light.

Of course some of those who know of my work have accused me of serving darkness.

It was a revelation to me to study under a person who claimed to serve both. I was skeptical until he qualified what he referred of as darkness or negative energy that is very different than a concept of spiritual evil.

Another way of describing "Light" is "Truth" Some say "the Light of Truth" which is an apt descriptive of the concept I refer to.

However to be technically accurate darkness can represent a Truth as well as Light can.

A good friend and mentor passed away not too long ago who always was bouncing ideas off me hoping for our discussion would cause the light to come on that would reveal truth to him.

His life as a successful business and family man revealed to me he was pretty much on target of knowing truth but refused to recognize what he saw since it had exceptions he could not ignore.

What he refused to do was to free himself from the perspective he had developed to see life from.

If that perspective had not served him so well it would not have been a problem but he had achieved a millionaire status as a contractor and also had raised and supported a family that would be the envy of many.

The associated habits of that success locked him into a fairly narrow perspective abiet sufficient for his earthly needs.

I don't know if he ever caught on but did sense a change in some attitudes as his sensed his time on Earth growing short. He began to indicate that he might have finally began judging some things from a new perspective,

He sought Truth as I had at one time. Good fortune and fate gave me another mentor who also had some powerful spiritual and intellectual credentials. This very successful chemical engineer from South Africa taught me a principle that I consider the basic requirement for one who truly wants to experience what is actual rather than the common illusion of reality.

If that is valid then I have the ability to experience truth. It is not magic but rather just an understanding of the perceptual process involving the physical senses and mind's handling of their input.

Do I see this teacher as a master of wisdom who could make no error? no!

His Truths as presented were all relative to a belief system he taught that science has found some error with.

If I Am to discuss Truth rationally than what I mean by it is just as important as any other thought attached to it.

If I see something globally there still is more than that geometric perspective involved.

In my learning of quantum theory I have seem more than the normal dimensions of reality like globality explained.

The elephant remains quite large and I would be the last hopefully to claim seeing it with fully open eyes.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 4/7/10

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