Religious Legalisms-another man's take

not my cup of tea, thank you

One thing that I have learned quickly here on WOTL is of the presence of those who delight in attempts to impress their religious legalisms upon others when related topics are being discussed.

Some are self schooled in religious subjects and others have benefitted from formal instruction.

Until recently my own learning on religious history has been very sketchy and informal.

Fortunately there are now some high quality courses available for the sincere student of the genre that avoid the bias typical of may religious courses taught under the auspices of specific faiths. I dont care if the instustion is Catholic, Protestannt, Jewish or Mormon, - bias will usually prevent a wide perspective on the subject from being experienced.

I do not claim that such a bias and/or focus is always undesirable, but it needs to be recognized and addressed by the student.

I Am remined that Jesus Himself was skilled in countering the efforts of the Pharisees to prevail with their religious legalisms and prevent His new perspective from being accepted.

Common sense can go a long ways in helping one choose as will the uncommon variety. when Truth is sought by one sincere in their heart.

The Pharisees of old with their religious legalisms continue to this day with their claim of religious agency and authority, yet the heart will tell those of us who march to that different drum timed to the beating of our own hearts that they were full of it then and remain full of it now.

And I dont mean Shinola!

© 2010 Albert 1 - 4/5/10

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