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This is written on Easter Sunday, Four March, 2010.

Any reader of what I have written here on WOTL and actively participated in a discussion of knows I do not follow any traditional Western religious practices and if one reads a little deeper into my writing you will find that my religious philosophy cant be clearly classified as any identifiable Eastern practice either. My spirituality is best described by me as a work in progress based upon a solid foundation of Eastern and Western Mysticism that can accurately be translated into any form that would describe the direction I Am headed with it.

East to the Christians, centers around the story of the religion's icon, Jesus, and his reported resurrection from a state of death after execution by crucifixion.

The execution of Jesus is historical fact although what occurred since then is less factual and more religious in nature. Its reality is, Its actuality has so far been unproven. (see a dictionary for the difference between reality and actuality)

The Resurrection is claimed by many as the linchpin of their faith without which they would deny the rest as invalid.

In my opinion only, that is an extremist philosophy since even if no higher forces were at work and Jesus had not risen from the dead, his teachings on humankind concerning behavior on Earth would still be psychologically valid and worth adopting.

Since the timing of Eastern on the Western calendar closely approximates the Spring Equinox and planting season for the Northern Hemisphere, the season and timing is much more than a time to celebrate a miraculous event.

The Bible's Chapter Three,Eccleastes, has been put into song as "Turn,Turn,Turn" by the Byrds whose words help one to connect the season of nature with the needs of planting and ending of Winter.

3:17 says it well. Better in some versions than others but always retaining the philosophy of "seasons and times"

3:17 says it well as there is a time for all under Heaven.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 4/5/10

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