Being as a verb-repost from 2010

"To be or not to be" may cloud the fact that one "is"

I Am aware of my being.

Not only as an human entity that was born of a mother in a certain place at a certain time but by the very act of BEING borne I become an active factor in what we humans call reality

. Being is to me just as much a process as well as describing my identity as an entity in this real world of time, space, energy, and matter.

I take up space and interact with my environment.

How wide of a field do I affect? How long will that effect be noticed.

Consider the ancestor of all humans has been determined to be a single individual. What was or continues to be the consequence of his being?

A poet one described the total effect of the vastness of his being thru one of his poems.

Physical death does not end the effect of the vastness of one's being

Can any one individual fit it all in some arbitrary box that they accurately consider as one's true nature.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 12/24/16

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