My favorite 'Holy Book'-Where does Truth lie?-Repost

There is no question which I prefer.,

Which will it be for Albert, the Book of many versions and contentions written by the hand of man despite the claim it is "The Book of God"? More likely "The Book About God" as written by those holding some very strong opinions.

Yes, I can agree that it's many versions contain much Divine Wisdom but such versions are far from error free. To be truly relevant something must match it's intended use. The Bible is a great literary work.

It's value as a guide for life and society has plusses and minuses.

This is the Twenty-First Century. Some of us read in The Bible about the Divine Right of Kings,executing Witches, not eating pork, resting on the Sabbath(Saturday), slavery etc. seeing the entire book in this light.

The Inquisition's justification of torture, plural marriage, incest, and many other things are considered as acceptable or ethical by most Bible believers in versions of any Christian Bible I Am familiar with.

The Hand of Man wrote all those Bibles perhaps inspired by God, and definitely influenced by authorities..

There is another "Book" that does contain only Truth. "The Book of Nature" WE know for sure Who wrote that one. We still are learning how to read it.

"As above, so below" holds true when we experience God directly in Nature while witnessing the process of Natural Law.

We can comply with our understanding of it it, or defy what we realize at our peril.

We were not borne with wings but we fly and sometimes crash.

We were not born with gills yet Jacques Costeau came up with an acceptable if imperfect substitute.

We defy God's Natural Laws all the time.

We have even built Nuclear Electric plants on known earthquake faults.

Will it surprise anyone if a predicted future quake is responsible for a Chernobyl type disaster? Will that be God's punishment? God also gave us the intellect to recognize danger and dangerous acts.. If we experience a calamity after our intellects has shown why it might occur is that any longer "God's punishment?

AS a race we evolve, yet somewhere buried in our genes is what enables us to choose the right actions more often than not.If that ability was not here our race would have become extinct eons ago. Who or what designed that biological principle of genetics and the evolutionary process? Why do we deny what God gave us to use?

I think I have a pretty good idea it just did not happen overnight.

Evolution is a total process involving more than just the outward appearance of anything or anybody.

The mind expands, the intellect's ability to grasp complex concepts advances. It is all natural, real, and in no way contrary to what art least in my opinion is "God's plan".

© 2010 Albert 1 - 6/21/10

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