Serving one's Buhdda Nature, even Capitalists can

Service can be financially rewarding

'Judge not least Ye be judged" remains one of two of my favorite Biblical quotes yet reality remains  the ten thousand pound elephant in the room.

 WE do judge; some of us are fairly good at doing so, others not.

I wont reprise the entire column I originally wrote on that subject but rather would like to introduce a new related concept.

 The Indian teacher, Gautama Buddha, taught of a human's "Buddha Nature" that might roughly translate into "soul personality" . 

In my perspective it needs discernment from the expressed nature of one strongly afflicted by ego.

I wont get into a long dissertation on the subject but do want to use this column as an introduction to the Zen Buddhist perspective and how it affects one's perception in the judgement process.

 It is difficult to approve or admire the actions of some individuals yet if examined in the light of their Buddha Nature, the conclusion may differ markedly from what one would conclude due to the individual's effect on the observer.

 I need to remind the reader that experiencing and judging a person under the dominance of a strong ego is a very different thing than when the Buddha Nature is what is being observed.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 3/23/14

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