What seems more real One God, or many? Who do they serve?

perception is reality

I Am a fan of the passage, "By their acts you shall know them"

I hear the words they speak I also see what they truly mean most of the time by their acts.

Moloch, the god of War, Mammon, the god of money seem quite real and popular as they are served by these hypocrites claiming to serve but one god.

When seen by what their actual lives are like I doubt if many who claim to be followers of the one God of Israel the First Commandment has requested they serve. Rather, they have done just the opposite as their acts belie their words. Not a "golden calf" but a pot of gold for the god Mammon.

Not honoring the peacemakers to be blessed as the Sermon on the Mount proclaims, rather they serve Moloch god of war who seems pleased with his worshippers as he provides many opportunities to be served.

In my opinion some of these whose speech proclaim them to be so holy need to clean up their act and at least try to understand the lessons they were given by the One they claim as Lord.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 1/29/10

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