'Thou shall not worship any other gods before Me'

An other among the many is still one too many.

Western religion although originating in the Middle East is basically an monotheistic practice where only the God Jehovah and his Son Jesus are recognized as good spiritual entities.

It is strange that the ancient Gods of Rome and Greece plus the Norse ones are so easily forgotten as if they never had a reality as strong as the present One's worshipped by the West and much of the Middle East.

I haven't even mentioned the ancient Hindu gods who still enjoy a huge following. There is Moloch, god of war to consider along with Kali the Indian god of destruction.

There is one spiritual principle that concerns me even though technically the phoenix is not considered a god but rather an iconic symbol of a natural principle of something being reborn from the ashes of destruction.

The symbolism of a phoenix appears on the flag of some European countries. It also represents self-sacrifice by the phoenix sacrificing itself to feed its newly hatched young who are unable to provide for themselves yet.

There seems to be a nihilistic philosophy extant among many Republicans and Neoconservatives where they are hoping for a total destruction of the Obama Government even if a national apocalypse results.

Their hope is that a core group of "right thinkers" can rebuild society as God has instructed them to do.

Fortunately when their radical intentions begin to reveal the reality of what could occur as a result, saner heads prevail and unpalatable but reasonable action replaces the apocalyptic dreams of these wingnuts.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 1/27/10

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