Is Magic the exclusive right of organized Christianity?

Knocking the competition

As an accused alleged black magician I have the choice of letting a lie grow or providing some information for other to consider as they weigh who is more credible, a person who feels they own a single version of Truth of which there is no other, or one who asks you consider what is, then judge for yourself.

I Am a Rosicrucian and have been since 1958.

I have served as Lodge Master for my Order in Rochester similar to what a Freemason does in their organization and also studied and practiced the Esoteric Principles I have been taught as a student member..

I have always been aware that Fundamentalist Christians and even most Roman Catholic authorities take a dim view of anyone involved in esoteric principles not having the stamp of traditional Christianity on them. No one likes competition, especially when their claims are made from shaky ground.

People touting those Conservative Bible Based religions warn that sooth sayers, and other such practitioners of the magical arts are tempting Satan or actually in league with him.

At one time we magicians were considered pretty respectable such as the "Three Wise Men" who are better known as "MAGI" or magicians.

There is a Biblical passage traditional religionist pull out of context to back up their claim that magic is a no-no.

See Isaiah 47:13

When one consideres that passage IN context it only affirms that magic is not a means of escaping Karma or retribution by those who attempt to avoid the consequences of their actions. The words following that passage are quite clear on this. Fundamentalists love pulling passages out of context to distort their meaning.

I consult a professional world famous astrologer and author who is also a friend that lives in Rochester.

I have been taught by him to read tarot cards and also have more than brief knowledge of the Chinese I-Ching plus some other esoteric tools. I own a beautiful crystal ball that serves me well. It was gifted to me by friends.

Most of all and the scariest for Born Agains, I have associated with Wiccans in the Rochester community, learning from them the wisdom to avoid attempting the use of what is considered black magic since natural law will deal with those who do in very unpleasant ways. "White" Witchcraft is the outgrowth of Shamanism or natural religion.

Fundamentalists will claim tat any such practices whether good intentioned or not are deviant and frowned upon by God.

They even have gone as far in their ignorance as wanting to ban Halloween and fairy tales. Halloween by the way is actually based on Catholic "All Souls Day""

From my Catbird's Perch I observe the Fundamentalists claim the LDS are not Christian and often accuse them of utilizing dark forces.

I marvel at the Mormon's restraint in not responding to such charges when it would be so easy to expose the ridiculousness of these claims.

As an accused alleged black magician I Am actually in good but involuntary company of many other Christians who have a more liberal attitude about belief and Truth.

Some actually realize that although God may hav iinspired The Bible, it is the hand of man that wrote it and continues to interpret it not even being able to agree on which version holds the Truth..

© 2010 Albert 1 - 1/17/10

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