The Wrath of God?

I don't think so

"Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord"

That is one of my two favorite Biblical phrases even though I feel that it also is one of the most disobeyed.

In the Old Testament The Wrath of God is often illustrated by the massive calamities He visits upon the wicked. AS such these stories, whether true or not, have good use in the teaching of morality.

One of the objections both believers and skeptics have had is why God permits or causes bad things to happen to good people.

Bad and good if considered more carefully are not always so, in fact only represent a narrowness of thinking.

AS we progress in our knowledge of truth we see many things once considered bad as now just natural. With knowledge, we now often are able to avoid the suffering that once was considered the inevitable consequence of human activity when disrespecting divine processes.

Natural disasters rarely occur without warning if we know how to read the signs,including earthquakes.

WE now know why earthquakes happen and are working on learning to figure out when. We know the "where" by the study of fault lines and we also have learned that we can build safer buildings to better survive the deadly effects of a quake.

God gave us the brains that acquired the knowledge to lessen the effects of disasters so is He hedging his bets by helping us avoid his wrath or is the conclusion in the Bible that bad occurrences are punishments false?

Will we always think as children do or are we growing up as we realize that nature is neither good nor evil?

Those religionists with a knowledge of how people think continue to proclaim their power to interpret God's will as it does have the effect of helping to sell the rest of their agenda enhancing their power.

We first learned to read the Book of God and now are learning to read the one of Nature.

That one is not written by the hand of man.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 1/14/10

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