Envy, the sixth of the Seven Deadly Sins-for Mike and sbjaz

How really "deadly" is this one?

Envy is the sixth of the Seven Deadly Sins on the list that you will find if you research this classical subject.

It's not difficult to understand what envy is however it often seems like a harmless action or motivation and makes me wonder why it appears on this list of some really bad attributes.

If envy is seen as Jealousy then it begins to make sense to call it a character killer as my friend did when he was introduced to the Seven Deadly's list for the first time.

I'll quote Dante Alleghre here: "Envy is love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs"

This seems a good explanation of why some are envious or jealous but what is the effect?

Dante's quote seems to cover it partially but I wonder if envy could also be a positive motivation that perhaps might even help counter another of the Deadlys, Sloth.

As I mentioned in my previous column I envy the ambitious yet truly would not trade places with such a person since in gaining something often something else is often lost.

So concludes my series on the Seven Deadly Sins that I first learned about in a Captain Marvel comic book.

The image of them listed on a stone tablet like the Ten Commandments were reputed to have been remains as if I was reading that comic book yesterday, although in actuality it had to be about sixty years ago.

That indicates that they made a strong impression on me and remain high on my list of tools of life.

As long as I have emotions I know I will always be influenced by the Seven Deadlys but at least I will recognize them for what they are, character killers, rather than guidelines for getting into Heaven if such a place exists.

Even the Buddhist principle of Nirvana and some Hindu religions require one to deal with these negative principles in order to reach those high desired states of bliss.

© 2010 Albert 1 - 3/25/16

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