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marginalizing atheism

UPDATE: SO my enemies and even some I consider friends don't like my statement concerning an Atheist President. Am I surprised, shocked, or as Hawk says, "horrified'?

No, and I stand by it. With the amount of hypocrisy that we encounter in life will anyone deny that some past President was a closet atheist and went thru the motions and put on a convincing act while President? We will never know.

Is anyone familiar with the Ethical Culturalists?

When I say that I would like to see the theistic barrier broken in electing a President does that imply that I think theists are evil or that an avowed atheist would make a better President? I think my critics implied that.

Unfortunately I think the reverse is true as many theists including ones here on WOTL consider atheists as evil. apparently they are not aware of the railroad ties in their own eyes.

I consider hypocrites much more capable of evil than atheists who have a set of ethics they adhere to.

Some day, maybe in my lifetime, I can envision a society that can accept theists and atheists as having equal social and legal status.

Meanwhile there will be the usual suspects that cant handle truth so they create their own version of it and ram it down their neighbor's throat in their version of a democracy..

A social contract to these "lovers of freedom" consists in having a one percent majority.

Long live democracy.

Although our government is supposed to be free of religious dominance as Zjabs accurately claims atheists have been marginalized since 1776.

Being a "believer" is an unwritten prerequisite for the Presidency and probably most government offices.

Some claim atheism itself is a religion. How can a nonbeliever believe?

I Am not an atheist but I would like to see discrimination against them cease.

I do agree that they sometimes stir up trouble to assert themselves Zjabs supports that type action, I don't since I think just hardens resentment towards them.

Harmless traditions such as Christmas are cultural more than religious. When culture is attacked the people feel enmity towards the attacker.

Madelyn Murray Ohair was notorious for stirring up anti religious trouble.

Some supporters of the atheists only take on serious issues like the Rev. Barry Lynn who is associated with the ACLU.

When Christians claim of being attacked by atheists usually a connection between Christianity and Government is being threatened. Many Christians claim the right for more privilege than normal Civil rights.

It will be a great day when the first avowed atheist is elected President.

Many now who are in government are also in the closet.

They are convincing to some but not all of us.

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