Connecting the dots-Conservative Christianity and Islam

Living examples of why Church and State must remain seperate

There are some major Christian denominations in the United States that have declared themselves moral arbiters for the entire nation, not just their membership.

They oppose the right for homosexuals to marry and be recognized by the state even though no one disputes that marriage is a religious institution.

They also have fought against many changes in the sexual freedom of adults that does not comply with Biblical edicts. Some denominations have even influenced the laws regarding the sale of alcohol to non-communicants of their faiths.

Fortunately for those of us who claim the freedom not to believe in what these churches teach, the general public is slowly adopting a similar attitude of personal freedom behavior.

For anyone who doubts what an example of more extreme religious influence would result in they need look no further than to any foreign country considered Islamic in nature that accepts Sharia Law to be a legitimate part of society.

Sharia Law gives Islamic religious authorities control over civil law.

Today I read of a failing economy in the country of Dubai once considered the ultimate in utilizing oil revenue money for economic development.

The Dubai elite have been constructing a massive development stretching out into open water expecting to attract the world's movers and shakers to it.

Now Dubai is close to being in financial default yet I see little media mention of the attempt of Dubai's Sharia supporters to prosecutes foreigners that break their rules concerning socialization of unmarried adults.

Sharia supporters consider whipping to be a suitable punishment for those who do not respect Islamic morality.

Connect the dots. Free wheeling high living rich adults are not going to risk being caught in situations where they could be legally whipped.

They will not invest or attempt to live where such a concept of morality is the law of the land.

Those in America who want to regulate other's morality need to heed our Founders desire to separate church and church based morality from civil law.

Sharia proponents in Islamic countries claim the right to demand that visitors and residents respect Sharia law.

They cant force people to invest or live in those cultures and may learn that their Sharia may eventually be too costly.

I hope that conservative Christian denominations in America learn the same lesson. If they refuse then we heathens and liberal religionists who desire to only be bound by secular law better wake up as the foot of those desiring to integrate their religion into American civil law already have theit foot in the political door.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 12/8/09

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