Through a Glass Darkly II-UPDATED for a reason

The Elephant of Truth from their perspective

From 03/27/2010 UPDATE: Two WOTL writers have posted columns here that in my view shows how intelligent and passionate people can live in the same Nation I do and see it so differently.

I Am sure they both view me as seeing America thruogh a glass darkly just as I vew them doing the same.

Both seem of the opinion that all must think as they do for America to be what it was intended to be.

I see America in its diversity and realize its government will never be perfect to the point of pleasing everyone.

America and its Spirit prevails because of Truth, albeit a Truth that no one of us will ever see all that it consists of.

My passion to see it's Truth and be its Witnesss means as much to me as the intelligence I have been blessed with to understand it. This is a follow up of my updated first column with this title. ___________________________________________________________

When using the story of the blind men describing truth as they experience it I was remiss in leaving out the poor unfortunate fellow who happened to reach under the elephant's tail.

This person also experienced a truth of sorts that could not have been very pleasant.

certain individuals that I have mentioned in my first essay, have a perspective on truth even though it it is often at odds with what I write.

It is their 'truth', for better or worse.

In their case usually judged to be worse. It is their choice of what standards to use when judging and commenting on the results.What they are unable to or choose not to see continues not to be a part of their reality.

This is THEIR relativism and ABSOLUTE TRUTH all olled into one despite their denials and admissions of not seeing.

Claims of seeing absolute truth are based on the philosophy of axiology.

I know the word is unfamiliar but it remains a legal word in the dictionary.

An axiom is described as a beginning point in logic that is accepted as true without the necessity of justification via other means.

If anyone ever studied geometry they might recall the word as the principle that subsequent logic is based on..

If pressed, such an individual who relies on the philosophy of Absolute Truth will revert to circular reasoning and a purported blind faith in God for which they assert needs no logical support.

Although that is their claim, their belief system as practiced reveals a faith in the illusion and lies that supports it.

I do not intend to debate any of what I have written so far in this column, but rather offer my opinion that what some who see life thru a glass darkly, especially in light of the election of President Obama and rejection of the Bush philosophy of 'Compassionate Conservatism' that was in my opinion neither.

I have faith, voted for hope, and consider unselfish charity a mark of the blessed.

Idealism has a place in life and politics. I even entertain a few ideals myself.

It is a legitimate philosophy whether evidenced on the Left or Right and can be laudable in many regards.

Idealists often judge things in absolute terms with anything less than 100% in accordance with their concept of perfection being unacceptable.

This is not a good philosophy to run a government with.

It actually not a good way to deal with the here and now, the real moment where the rubber is meeting the road.

Idealists are at their best as defined by the word, idea people.

They can work wonders in helping pragmatists build a future and are sometimes needed as leaders themselves but often make poor ones.

Good leaders often must modify their objectives and reduce actions to a level of practicality.

If half a loaf means no starvation it still is considered failure by the idealist whose image of success is a full belly.

Government will never be perfect for everyone all the time despite idealists best wishes that it be so.

If they choose to see what doesn't fit in their conceptual boxes as imperfections,they usually don't have to try very hard to find them. Using their standards of perfection it will seldom be found and only then be true according to the limited standards of a very narrow vision.

Our forefathers and founders of American government designed and placed in motion a system that has remained in continuity since 1776.

Those who are disappointed in its present form have a very narrow and egocentric view of it. If it causes them any sort of grief it is judged a failure.

It works, people!

It is not perfect to any single person's ideal when traditionally judged by all standards and never will be.

Tradition make a poor basis for judgement since it is based on a past that becomes more indistinct as time and humanity rolls on.

In my opinion if the sum total of of humanity's actions can be judged against accepted standards and principles the principle of randomness and chaos would have led to the extinction of the human race eons ago,

One could argue that America is a government 'under God' since the claim of divine inspiration does have its champions and we hear that phrase spoken often enough.

If so then why the 'darkly' business?

Is God asleep at the switch? Doesn't He hear the sincere prayers of the faithful who have little left but hope and their faith?

Why not recognize the good that we have received both by our efforts and if He exists, God's grace.

Pessimism is not a new phenomenon concerning government and life in general but it is not a universally held attitude, despite the ability to make others think it is

. Based on 'facts',albeit carefully selected ones, too many continue to support and promote that apocolyptic vision as seen thru a glass darkly.

Facts? Ha!

Enough exist to select whatever is needed to suit any occasion.

Thru a glass darkly are seen the facts of failure, Fear, and pessimism which are readily found and dwelled on.

Obama was elected on hope, not fear.

Those of us who have hope and expect to see what is good becoming better.

We are able to see what is good despite those ' thru the glass darkly' brethren.

A war based on facts will not be won.

Their supply is endless.

Impatience will not yield the results needed to verify hope and choice.

Listening to the majority has its place but as one wise person, Alan Ashley Pitt, once said 'those who follow the crowd only gets as far as it does'.

For the present the crowd is seeking a new leadership since some know that others have followed leaders over the cliff that now seems closer.

We are individuals with many choices and freedoms.

In society our freedoms and actions cannot be our absolute choice as individuals if society is to prevail but must be coordinated with others as per the social contract we recognize as defining society some of us wish to share a common purpose with. \

Even so, some freedom of choice and action remain within the social constraints of any group.

How we ultimately feel is more a choice based on emotion than one of facts.

Facts do influence feeling but emotions are like oceans.

Some are drowning in them.

WE can immerse ourselves in them or not be part; it remains a choice to do so more than not.

Our greatest fault is allowing others to define who we are or how we MUST feel.

They delight in using the deceptive word 'SHOULD' since 'Must' would reveal how they really feel we MUST act.

WE are able to be thinking and rational beings with consciences independent of what we are told we MUST believe to be truth.

We sometimes get that strong feeling that we are experiencing truth.

It is the basis of true faith.

At other times that experience can involve illusion.

There is a blind faith some have that they claim can know truth yet often that 'truth' is illusion as evidenced by illogical actions and disastrous outcomes.

We are cautioned against outcome based education and social engineering despite the need for good outcomes and a trust that the intelligence of a whole can surpass the sum of its parts.

It is called SYNERGY folks.

Why not recognize and take advantage of it?

Isn't that the objective of engineering?

Can one see truth 'thru a glass darkly'?

Can we trust those to be our engineers and leaders?

Is a new vision the answer?

Perhaps other than through that glass.

Our race still has eyes yet seemingly ones 'wide shut'

Seeing 'no thing' does not protect one from being bitten you know where when least expected.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 5/4/16

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