Sometimes 'All or Nothing' is the only fair way-Updated to cover Scalia's comment

Christians do not legally have more rights than others in America. Chritn

Update: Judge "Scaliwag" better known as Scalia to most folks just did his duty again of working to further the Christian-Neocon agenda with his remarks that the Cross in the center of this column's controversy column "represents all of us and should be allowed"

His omission is what is significant since he did not address why this controversy ever surfaced. Scalia obviously is a toady to those who do not wand a Buddhist memorial in the same cemetary to compete with their agenda.

By skirting this aspect of the controversy he has attempted to change its basic nature.

Fortunately the Supreme Court still have enough people who are not rank idealogues or political toadies so I dont think his effort will be successful. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Truth will finally out if one is patient enough.

The first news I encountered was that a memorial cross honoring Christian veterans was covered up in a government cemetery due to a civil rights controversy.

Although I understand the intention of American law for government not to promote religion I was a little confused since cemeteries like Arlington has individual symbols of many faiths honoring individual soldiers. Denying a memorial seemed wrong.

The Truth that was selectively obscured(and now deliberately ignored by Scalia) finally surfaced concerning the case in question. It seems that prior to the controversy erection of a Buddhist memorial in the cemetery in question was denied.

All or nothing then seems only fair so the cross was covered.. The argument that the Christian symbol had special rights (as Scalia mentioned) because it was there first does not appear very fair after the Buddhist effort was denied..

If the Buddhist symbol and others such as the Jewish Star of David and Muslim Crescent were all permitted and none prohibited then I doubt if any Civil libertarian would have an issue. I wonder about the Swastika (actually a Navaho symbol before the Germans adopted it) and Wiccan Pentagram.

This all or nothing attitude of implying that nothing is the only "American" way if Christians are not allowed exclusive rights is an attempt to deny recognition that we are a multicultural, multi religious nation.

Multiculturalism is one of major the bugaboos of the Far Right especially among Christian Fundamentalists who see Buddhists as evil atheists. According to Christian critics of Buddhism if God is not defined exactly as they state it then the other person's spiritual practice is atheistic.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 10/9/09

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