What SHOULD people do? How about the best they are able to? Maybe they do.

Where I differ with Zjabs and most others.

Zjabs replied to me in a past dialog that I seem to think that a person should not need to be required to take responsibility.

This is not true but might appear so to a person like Zjabs that seems to think everyone has the same ability as him.

No doubt some do, but everyone?

 In my opinion everyone has their own mix of background, circumstances, emotions, and intelligence.

What he does not seem to include is all the factors I just mentioned when evaluating how able a person truly might be in any given situation. 

I was once criticized by a person who thought she knew me enough to justify the criticism and it's motive.

She had no concept of my personal circumstances at the time. 

I did not choose to inform her why what seemed simple to her would have depended on me not having to utilize my resources and energy for a more critical priority.

It is why I have a different social philosophy than Zjabs does. I dont assume that everyone else is able to see society from the same perspective that I'm do or are able to handle situations in the same manner  as I have in the past.

 I have a very basic paradigm that judges everyone as doing the best they can when all factors are considered. Unfortunately some factors are not easy to realize as germain.

J Concerning the word "should'.

I suggest someone try substituting must or may to see what effect that has in explaining why one chooses "should" to begin with.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 3/19/14

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