Taking issue again with the "Christians"

Is this what Deism is all about?

I'm going to disappoint those who read my title and anticipated some talking points to refute but this will be a bit different in that regard.

I will begin by explaining why this column was generated. In the past few months I have been purchasing college level courses on CD's from "The Teaching Company"that concern religion and philosophy. I have completed one that covers the period after Jesus's death and the creation of the church that followed. That course was followed by "Religion in the Axial Age where there was a period in history that nurtured much religious thought.

Currently I have just completed a CD that covered the religious philosophy called Deism that I recall being discussed here when I first entered the world of WOTL.

Since I claim to be less of an Absolutist than more I cant even claim to be a Deist although I find it's philosophy and logic more amenable to my own personal paradigm than Christianaty (as practiced) ever will be.

I have often taken issue with the Christianity I have been exposed to on WOTL or in the general public while all the time maintaining a preference for some of Jesus's teachings as I interpret them rather than as some other person claiming agency does.

This recently was illiustrated by a response to a comment I made where Tekel claimed to desire a secular society as long as it was based on "Christian principles" I really think he will never understand why why I Am so amused by that statement.

I definitely am not a Christian as defined by the examples I see coming from those claiming affinity with that practice.

In the CD I just completed listening to it doesnt seem to recognize any positive effect of Jesus's teachings of life as an example of one who truly understood the human psyche. For that reason I cant claim absolute affinity to Deism and therefore will remain a mystic.

There are major differences between Deists and "Christians" that are probably well known by the more knowledgeable religionists here. They are worthy of exploration and the one I would like to mention is the ignorance of th general public of what Deism actually means. Most reading this have an idea what Christianity means whether or not they are hypocritical concerning it, but I doubt if there are many that can define Deism. That is a shame since it actually would fit the paradigms of many who take issue with Christianity as it is expressed in society but still have strong spiritual leanings..

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