One God or more? Most Christians seem to have settled on two and some even three.

This is definitely speculative spirituality

To begin with most who follow Judeo-Christian religions claim to worship only one God. The actions of Christians however seems to belie this due to the reverence and iconography they have reserved and applied to Jesus. Although they claim He is only a Son of God He seems to get enough attention to make one wonder if He doesn't have equal status. Of course a Trinitarian would claim exactly that. Three gods, not one. Yes I know it's called the "mystery of the Trinity" because it is supposed to be incomprehensible.

That however is not what I Am leading up to. My contention is more complex.

To begin with the contention or theory I wish to present I would like to mention my observation of beehive activity in nature. Each bee functions in a limited manner yet something is regulating the entire hives function including each bee's role in it.

Is that a "bee god" from the bee's perspective?

If so could the totality of all the processes that regulate animal behavior imply that there is a higher level of consciousness that integrates and regulates it?

And further, perhaps one for each class of animal, vegetable, and mineral.

Even further, one for all of reality. Is that superconciousness perhaps approaching the type of god we describe and experience as infinite?

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 9/21/09

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