WWJD? Some know, I don't. I only know what I think He said

Is this why lawyers are so well liked?

There are in WOTL along with others out in the world those that claim to know what Jesus would do even when a direct quote takes a lot of word spinning to serve that purpose. When doing so I would expect them to be able to employ direct quotes that seem lacking in their efforts to spin.

This seems to me the same thing that a lawyer does with law to justify the unjustifiable.

I know Jesus's words were originally in Aramaic so to start with if a person does not have a source written in that language the interpretation game begins and fails there It is about as lacking in certainty as any situation requiring translation let alone interpretation.

Even so I think it takes a very hardened heart to spin a clear meaning to serve a selfish purpose.

There is a very intense Christian that writes in WOTL that I will not name here that is probably as unselfish as Christians can be known to be. Since he requested I not post his E-mail mentioning his charitable work I wont, although I still dont understand why he needed to request that of me when I have informed a certain group of individuals that I have chosen not to post anything they still seem to think I might. The way I receive comments from them which I continue to delete shows me they either cant read or refuse to believe me.. I do hope that that particular Christian never thinks that my differences with him have anything to do with his charity that he seems to do better with than most of the ones who dont see the unfortunate ones as "Children of God".

Another former writer and premier "Money Changer" continues to bait me with accusations of cowardice for not posting his dreck even though he himself swore never to read or comment on my column ever again. I intend to continue to honor that intention of his regardless of what he thinks or would like to happen now. He seems good at changing character on an apparent whim and then expecting everyone to undertsand. The only thing I understand concerning him is that inconsistency equals flakiness. And bet welshing (George Soros notwithstanding) is right on top of the list.

Since I see a distinction between consistency and absolutism I thought that needs mentioning here before someone tries to tell me there is none and they accuse me of being an absolutist because I attempt to be consistent with a very few core principles..

But back to WWJD. I admit that I really would not know for sure and see those who seem so eager to interpret for me and others what He would do as no more than what makes me glad I have chosen not to claim to be a Christian as they and others typify the practice as being. Example is a better teacher for me than any amount of word spinning.

When my understanding of the sayings of Jesus require less interpretation than the the parsing efforts these Christians seem to require to justify their actions I think logic is saying for me what I dont need to repeat.

Occam's Razor works well here

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 9/20/09

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