The Freedom of 'Elbow Room' vs. Society's need for order, the Eternal Dilemma-- UPDATED- A Must Read for Freedom Lovers

The reality of society some refuse to recognize

UPDATE: Although the original title turned off potential readers I feel that the contents speaks well of the problem that faces one who seeks personal 'freedom' as they define it within a society.

In my opinion their philosophy is invalid unless all others in that society have the same concept of 'freedom, a stipulation that seems to indicate that freedom is being quite narrowly and selfishly defined. Unless of course if it is assumed that some will be less free than others._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Daniel Boone left the more civilized area of Eastern society to move West where he could have what he called 'elbow room'.

I know of personal friends and relatives who live in the same village as I do that desire and plan to move to a more rural area for more 'elbow room'

Loosely defined that could mean not having to pay village taxes for something not taxed or available in the country or not being restricted as much to what a person can do on their own property. Yet the same people remain in the village compromising to a minor extent with their concept of personal freedom. By doing so the gain certain benefits that village society offers as part of its social package.

This is the best illustration of society vs the individual. Those who decry socialism want less control over the individual yet want the benefits society offers. Some want more benefits than others. Others prefer less benefits and more personal freedom.

Although I have seen no one yet refute my basic contention that more people in a society requires more laws and control and less personal freedom or 'elbow room' I continue to see this as the root cause of dissention and anti-socialism. The human population grows and the ability to 'move West' for more freedom becomes more limited.

If studied as biological models in animal society, growth continues until they bump into each other then they either find they are good for each other or war begins. Humans seem to follow the same pattern.

The one difference between us and higher animals, the ability for humans to think, is increasing making it possible to solve problems once they are recognized. A study of animal species find their behavior to have changed little over thousands of years unless of course they became extinct for a failure to adapt to changing conditions.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 4/27/14

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