'You know the rules' ........From 2009

Great! but who wrote them?

This column was originally posted in 2009

In the late 1970's I attended sessions with a small private conscious raising group that met at the founder's home. That group was recommended to me by a long time friend that I had a lot of respect for.

My friend was one of these super geniuses who had done many things in his young life like sell insurance, study Zen under a well known Master Teacher, teach school etc. and had a unique and interesting perspective on life buttressed with a lot of formal and informal knowledge and experience.

Apparently something with this group resonated with my friend so I decided to check it out.

The group's founder and I hit it off quite well at the start so I began attending his group's meetings once a week and going with the group to an all night diner afterwards,

One day after having passed up the temptation to do the 'wrong thing' I decided to mention the fact to the him causing him to look at me with a serious expression saying, 'You know the rules'.

No more was said by either of us as we went about whatever else we were doing that day but his words have echoed in my mind since then.

Now thirty plus years later (it seems like yesterday) I recall the words wondering 'what rules', 'who wrote them? ' and most interesting, are they universal, limited to a certain group, or perhaps personal?

About ten years ago I attended a series of specialized philosophy classes that emphasized the principle of Self spelled with a capital 'S'.

Our small 's' selves are familiar to all but the concept of something larger and meaningful that still related to us as individuals was taught by a skilled teacher who had been schooled in the Eastern tradition of Adviata Yoga which is a form in Hinduism comparable to Unitarianism in Christianity..

When one becomes aware of this principle of a greater Self as a source of 'the rules' as my friend mentioned over thirty years ago, their source no longer seems unknown.

I once wrote a fictional account of the beginning of a new person on this planet that was a thinly disguised autobiography contained many veiled messages that helped clarify my own self image.

One incident early in the story was when the new parents dropped and lost the owner's manual that the Manufacturer supplied with each new child.

What I wrote then just came out of a stream of consciousness with no formal planning or organization.

One WOTL friend who I shared the story with asked if that manual represented a Bible.

Although I had not consciously intended it to it made so much sense that I now see it as an important discovery.

Later in the story I wrote the boy meets a representative of a group that also teaches rules but emphasizes that there is more than one type rule.

Some being more important than others as they are more difficult to deal with the resultant consequences if they are broken.

I began studying with that school in 1958 receiving lessons by correspondence.

One of the early lessons mentioned Beethoven's rule that he followed when breaking new ground in music composition.

'Know the rules before you break them'

I can now add to that 'And then there will be less unpleasant surprises,

' Philosophically I have learned that how things are viewed by me is in sets rather than individual items.

The connections are there in reality between things that some call natural law.

When someone does something resulting in an unintended consequence it could be said that they might not have known 'the rules'

My friend reminded me many years ago that I did know them at least subconsciously, so there was no excuse to say that I didn't expect a result if one occurred.

Since I don't accept any one Judeo-Christian Bible as a universal rule book that I have signed on to or was borne with I have to look at at least one other source that I doubt if many here have an understanding of.

Most consider a Bible or some other popular literature for their rules. There are a few of us who turn our attention inward seeking answers there. I would never claim that one method is superior to the other but rather just accept that each of us seek answers where we find them while even then realizing that neither direction is an absolute thing,

We have to socialize with other citizens to some degree yet as we do so we know the folly of ignoring what lies at the core of our being or theirs.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 1/8/17

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