From Inkwells to Internet, Updated

Loving every year of it.

Update 5/25/2010

I noticed an error in calculating my birthday sice I wont turn seventy two until August of 2010.

I still want to thank the well wishers in advance. Perhaps I'll have something to addto this come August. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I will turn age seventy two in 2010 and have loved every year of the experience that has brought me to this point.

I was born at the dawning of World War Two that was to involve America for a number of few years. I was old enough during the war to remember what life was like when the entire nation was involved, rationing ruled, and many close relatives were off in all parts of the world in the various armed service divisions.

I have witnessed the birth of the atomic age with its fantastic technological promise and also the fear of world wide destruction if a major war was ever fought with both sides in possession of nuclear weapons.

I recall in 1949 dipping a straight pen into a built in inkwell at my seventh grade desk to practice penmanship. The ball point pen had just been introduced after the war. I later recall in the 1980s building my first computer from individual parts that the developers had not yet created an operating system for . Now we buy them off the shelf.

In 1964 I actually rode the Orient Express while on a short military leave in Europe as I served with Nato where the Berlin wall and a nuclear standoff was reality.

As a civilian again working for AT&T I was trained to work on a large computer that controlled telephone operations in a suburban community and now have seen that technology miniaturized to the point where the computer I AM typing this on now is more sophisticated than the behemoths I maintained for many years.

My father regretted that he would not witness the turn of the Century and in fact died in 1990 but I have been gifted to watch the new century being born realizing that it was only one reference point of many to mark the changes I have been blessed to witness and be a part of.

I often wonder what my life would be like now if I had the internet access I now enjoy as a reference source in my youth.

I realize the seriousness of the many social and economic problems facing us today but still see society as a whole evolving at a dizzying rate. I hope to stick around a long time to both witness and actually continue to be a part of the changes I Am witnessing. Life is good, even when the rough patches are experienced as part opf the process.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 5/25/10

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