How to identify a Fascist

Right here in River City

When attempting to understand something I was taught that one way is to examine its opposite.

 To the uninformed especially those lacking in formal education,  Communism and Nazism are mistakenly both grouped as left of center political philosophies when the actuality is that Communism is considered radical left and Nazism as radical right.

 Furthermore Adolf Hitler, the worlds most infamous Nazi, feared Communism but embraced Mussolini's Fascism . Two peas in a pod.

 Fascism is interesting since examples of it have been legitimately attributed to both extreme Left and Right positions.

 I researched the word in the Oxford Dictionary On Line paid website and found the following:

"Fascism: In extended use (with modifying word) a person who advocates a particular viewpoint or practice in a manner perceived as intolerant or authoritarian".

    This obviously could apply to a person of either radical Left or Right philosophy.

Two additional words are now in play. Intolerant and authoritarian.   Intolerant means what one can't tolerate or coexist with.

Authoritarian indicates promoting or agreeing with a position representing authority.

 Lets try it out. " I can't stand Leftists or Socialists and people that seem different than me especially if the difference is obvious by their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability etc."

That was a good example of intolerance.

"The authorities are always correct especially the police that enforce the authorities wishes".  That was an example of authoritarianism.


 "If it walks like a duck and quacks like one"

Right here in River City AKA "Rochester on the Genesee".

For my critics: I Am an equal opportunity philosopher and realize similar examples of intolerance can be found on the Left. When a leftist political leader is in power a fascist could be just as well authortarian in that leader's support.  It is why I support balance in government and the separation of powers delineated by the Founders.

It is also why I do not like the Supreme Court's balance as seen as so critical.   Absolute power does corrupt absolutely when unexamined and unopposed. 

  A parting thought in the form of a rhetorical question:

 What is the true opposite of Fascism?

 It can't be Communism since a fascist could technically be one. It can't be Nazism for the same reason.

There were two civilized countries in recent history (last 50 years) that changed from very fascist oppressive states to something perhaps too free in the short term once their oppressed majority gained true freedom .

Since those changes were a reaction to the oppression of a majority by a minority when that majority attained power the end results were not pretty.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 2/23/15

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