Government, Servant or Master?-My Take Repost from 2010

A further caution: Something I felt might happen when I added the following preface did happen and that is unfortunate but will not cause me to delete the warning.

I do not consider myself as mentally superior and warning all the 'dummies' to not bother trying to understand the main body of this column.

This cautionary preface is a result of many people complaining that some of my columns are incomprehensible.

Number  one : I have never considered all my columns to be understood by all readers who choose to click on them.

Not because some readers are not intelligent but because some readers think differently or  have different standards and different ways of perceiving reality than I do.

I do not consider my ways as best for everyone just as I don't consider other ways best for me.

I write some columns that I hope a few might get enough out of to be valuable.

My caution here simply mentions to those potential readers who dont get it not to feel that they have to understand everything I write.

I sure don't understand everything I read.

Let me caution that this column is not intended for the general audience. If one person in ten is capable of getting their head around this I would be surprised since usually personal perspectives are too narrow and fixed to encompass this style of thought.

Its like an unusual flag that most wont recognize so don't be disappointed if you cant relate to it. You are not required to salute it and no one will judge you poorly if that is the case.

If you do recognize the involved concepts I would appreciate feedback since composing this was a stretch of my own ability. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We,the people. at least our ancestors and forefathers, reached a consensus that they wanted self government rather than being subservient to England so a a living breathing government was created that can be oppressive beast or best friend..

Although it takes direction from us with input from the citizenry via voting, it also evolves on its own as a conscious entity that could become master if its potential to do so is unrecognized and not constantly monitored...

Our forefathers foresaw and incorporated measures to counter possible abuses.

That foresight could be called divinely inspired prophecy considering how well it has seemed to work so far.

When our current government exhibits problems they usually can be traced to deviation from established procedures and well tested concepts.The light of truth only needs to shine on a problem to determine if whether deliberate intent or unintentional error is at fault. Seldom is the problem due to actual basic government policy.

Idealism of any sort is not in itself an undesirable characteristic to guide government policy if it is tempered with the necessary pragmatism of reality when put into practice.

When idealists attempt direct control using their ideals while ignoring the reality any major policy changes cause results are usually disasterous, The one exception being if the process was a reaction to prior problems that also was a result of divergent policy.

There is a "center" that can be recognized by objective analysis. Diverting from this initiates a pendulum effect as conditions naturally seek to return to center. The problem being that a momentum usually can be recognized that will cause the reverse effect to carry the real time result beyond the center and towards the opposite extreme. The degree of overcompensation can usually be measured as equal to the original degree of original divergence from center.

To successfully obtain permanency, change is best instituted gradually while recognizing prior conditions. This is how evolution differs from revolution.

When revolution is the basis of change an equal but opposite reaction can usually be expected the exception being of course unless it is also a reaction to prior conditions of an evolutionary nature. .

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 10/22/15

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