Christian Communism-the truth is out there. UPDATED

try denying it's reality

This was originally posted in 2009

UPDATE: One LDS member has responded negatively to this column perhaps by assuming that my labeling of early LDS communitites as communistic carrys forward into my observation of contemporary Mormon lifestyle.

Note well that the communist label only seems valid in the early pioneer communities not their twenty first century descendants.

A few years ago I attempted write about early Mormon communities N.B. I only consider this valid referring to the early settler communities, not the twenty first century outgrowths of them.

At that time I was replied with 'But we have free choice' I further would state that a religious society of Catholic monks is classically Communist in fact that has been a common perception in society as long as I can remember.

Their freedom of individual choice is much more limited by stated rules of their order. The Mormon lady who mentioned the free choice aspect was confusing a socialist style government with a totalitarian one where a strong leader rules from the top down.

This type government will often call itself Communist but lacks the input by the proletariat even if that proletariat originally installed the leader intending to be ruled as a democratic society with bottom up input. (Proletariat=working class)

There have been societies that call themselves Christian Communists that I found in my research long before Karl Marx and company invented the system that was adopted by Russia and turned into a totalitarian state.

I think the problem has been that after WWII a psychological condition was successfully implanted in the minds of the West that causes an emotional fear aversion when the word Communist is seen or heard.

The Russian scientist Pavlov did much study of this effect.

Since Russia and the US were competing for hegemony and the Christian church saw Communism as an antagonistic competitor to it's spiritual dominance, this fear conditioning is a logical defense..

Since fear disguised as hate is more intense and active, the ' free world' ended up being taught to hate Communism

. Totalarian states DO have much to be truly fearful of or hate.

The task is easy,

Gather opponents and rally others to their dangers.

Far be it for me to say that I would love or desire to live in a Communist state but it is far from the ogre that it is made out to be.

Contemporary Cuban society for example although far from a theoretically perfect socialist state has achieved goals in education and public health that actually surpasses American equivalents and far surpasses those of many third world non Communist governments.

Try comparing religious freedom in Communist Cuba with the state of affairs in most Islamic countries that are s or pseudo democratic absolute monarchies.

Try comparing Communist economies with many African ones.

Which system currently s allow more personal freedom?.

Ask the Muslim woman who can't show her face in public or drive a car.

Citizens who are subject to being whipped or worse for drinking alchohol?Is that any sort of freedom?

If people want a better government they first need to know the difference between truth of all systems and the boogyman they were taught about that is monolithic communism.

Once the real thing or its general socialized equivalent is honestly observed determination can be made if it could be applicable to a Twenty First Century system.

In contrast to what some claim, Capitalism is more akin to economic Darwinism then one might admit to ?.

A true national disaster could show us.

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 4/20/16

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