Tailgunner Joe get's a fellow traveller

At least Joe served

Originally posted in 2014

Updated to mention potential President Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has often been compared to Senator Joseph McCarthy.
Although there are differences I generally tend to agree with that assessment and would not like anyone similar in the White House.
There is a Wotler that doesn't write on here very often that I offended once even though it was unintentional and not directly aimed at him. I since learned more of who he is or was and realized that a general remark I made could be hurtful to certain individuals I hadn't considered when I wrote it. We live and learn..I know I do.

The remark I made concerned "barstool patriots" who mouthed patriotism but evaded service to their country. I still feel that many that I had intended this remark deserved it.

The error I had made was not to consider those who were unable to serve and wanted to. Brian informed me of being unable to serve and I was sorry my remark inadvertedly affected him.


I personally was drafted in 1961 after no longer being covered by a student deferment . I was later discharged and then volunteered for three years..

I would never mock any honest work but I would surely mock those employees that spout patriotism, are qualified to serve as volunteer military but choose instead to work in their safer civilian jobs while considering themselves as super patriots even to the extent of adopting a patriotic pen name as that namesake spins in his grave at the insult..

I also continue to mock those the know everything about everyone in the world and know so much about a time in history I actually lived through and experienced while they only have some kind of romanticized illusion of.

"Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy at least was a veteran. Yes "he had no shame" (Google that phrase) in the way he used his office to attack and railroad patriotic Americans but at least he did serve. If not censured for his actions he probably could have started another movement similar to how Hitler did but others in government finally had enough of his crap and dealt with him with official censure..

Now we have someone who considers himself similar to a heroic figure in history and is attempting to emulate him as a fellow  traveler in McCarthy's anti-communist bandwagon.His timing seems a bit off.

Our new fellow traveller hasn't read the news that anticommunism is pass'e. Anti islamofascism is the watchword now Mr Revere!

Maybe our new hero can begin by having us stop all trade with COMMUNIST CHINA or perhaps criticize a hero who would be expected to be a real anticommunist, John McCain. Oh wait, John cant be a good guy; he traveled to COMMUNIST VIET NAM in friendship after the war..

Or perhaps our superpatriotic hero can quit his honest job that I have known others to work at that I respect and VOLUNTEER for military service. We do need the help . While he is at it he might take a reading course so he could learn to read the difference between being personally mocked and having his employment mocked. Maybe I could be considered as mocking his employment especially if he thinks it qualifies him to be such a superpatriot when he still has the option to volunteer and really serve his country.

Some talk, some walk.as in "what talks and what walks" Which are more credible?

© 2009 Matt 7:6 - 4/13/16

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