What is the duty of a soldier? Repost from 2009

or any other military person.

I recall the title's question being asked by a teacher in a philosophy class with no one coming up with the correct answer,

The class was small, about nine students so perhaps a larger class might have produced the answer the teacher was looking for.

Many specific answers were attempted that all had relevance but none was the one that really defined what a military person is all about in a few words.

Maybe the reader expects me to answer my own question here and now . I have been a soldier as have others reading this. I think it will be more interesting to see if other military veterans or perhaps non-veteran civilians have any concept of what the duty of a soldier really boils down to.

. I have seen mention that it is to protect freedom. That specific concept is relevant but not central to my question.

There was a comprehensive answer my teacher sought; now I ask the reader .

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