The Tower - a repost for all

Where dwells Wisdom?

The card was drawn, the die cast long before my birth. The Tower being one of the Major Arcana always stands out in my work with the ancient cards. Their true origin unknown. The Mystery Schools of Egypt are suspected of giving the cards the often mentioned title of Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.

They reflect one's being and deeper meanings when clear, confusing at other times.

I have seen The Tower appear many times, knowing of both its relationship to the Tower of Babel and a representation of deteriorating organized religion as the old churches crumble. Yet as I realize that within the death of the old I see the birth of new knowing a cycle is at work.

Still I see it as from afar as it is not for me. or me for it. I still visit on occasion sometimes with others of like mind. I know the Tower serves many well and hold no bad feelings when one's path leads in that direction.

I know for me when wisdom is sought

I must return again to the Silence Within where I once dwelled .

© 2009 albert vallone (albert 1) - 1/31/13

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