Further thought on the Tao Te Ching --Religion or Philosophy?

inspired by a "Christian's" comment

Originally posted 04/09/2010

The Tao Te Ching is a wonderful philosophical classic that does mention God, albeit not in a way that a narrowly focused Fundamentalist Christian might notice.

One good example is the reference to Capital Punishment where the TTC mentions that man is inferior to God in the treatment of major wrongdoers or in the concept of punishment in general. Interestingly enough I have found a related concept in the Bible in it's advice on vengeance.

It is difficult to see the Tao Te Ching as a non religious book that does not mention God when it is considered  the basis of a major world religion called Taoism.

The Bible is said to be a religious book however it too is a philosophical classic. That is why unlike "Bible believers" I place the two books in the same class under those containing inspired wisdom. I feel it is very unfortunate that many fear deviating from the Bible and seeing the inspired wisdom that exists in other works.

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