Some personal views on marriage and homosexuality --Updated

The times they are a'changing

I have never been married prior to early 2013 (see update).

Marriage has some very serious legal and financial implications.

I have always stated that under our present legal system a formal marriage is almost necessary if children will be a part of a couple's responsibility.the growing acceptance of civil unions those legal aspect can be separated from some of the old traditional reasons for marriage.

As society evolves the clear separation between church and state evolves with it. Churches ( organized religion) traditionallynhave been arbiter of marriage, with state controlling the legal aspects of a couple's legal and financial status.

This diversity has generally been accepted as a social and political fiat prior to the twenty- first century.

As a social liberal I desire that one church or religious entity will nlo to define the power of any other or for that matter any non church member.

Marriage will eventually be treated as baptism baptism is now, having no legal connotation, but a serious spiritual one for the religions who desire it to.

If the non- religious wish to enter into a union and call it marriage some provision will need to remain such as empowering peace justices to perform and record the ceremony as they have in the past.

In my opinion the only thing slowing progress towards these goals has been the present social power structure in America that sees its hold on society weakening. It is trying to use the straw dog of the fear of homosexuality as the means of retaining control.

Various alliances are involved in this some of which really surprise me.

The fact that the LDS church, as discriminated against as it has been, would support discrimination and power over a minority is quite illogical.

They are allied with one of their most controversial critics, the Christian Fundamentalists, many of whom deny the right of Mormons to call themselves Christian.

I truly wonder how many of these Mormons would be comfortable living in a world where Christian Fundamentalists would have more power.


It must have been a shock to many who know me to read or hear that I now am married.

Mary Elizabeth AKA WOTL's first Tar Baby and I tied the knot this Spring under the auspices of the Universal Life Church with two other WOTLers attending.

Some who recall the Tar Baby columns suspected that Mary was only a fictional person.

What confused them was after she encouraged me to return to writing I took over writing most of the columns bearing the Tar Baby header.

Hopefully someone might organize another WOTL get together some day where I will finally be able to introduce Mary to the real flesh and blood WOTLers.

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