Albert reads Michael's 'Devil' column that he responded to Zjabs with. Repost from 2008

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Knowing of Michael Christianson's expertise in knowledge of spiritual matters which he usually presents replete with supporting references both Biblical and from major LDS official spiritual guidebooks I was pleased to see his response concerning reasons for a Devil or Satan concept that he presented to Zjabs.

As I have mentioned in my own quest on this subject, God being the Prime Cause is responsible for all that has been created especially as Michael has mentioned when God had a specific purpose for the creation.

My own view has previously stated that a loose or slop factor as I call it is a part of creation, put there to allow growth to occur.

But back to Michael's contention that God made the Devil so we could grow.

That means He deliberately created what would lead to all that the Devil is considered responsible for.

I think if all the victims of evil heard and believed this they might be considering a new God to worship.

If the Devil or evil is part of an uncontrolled creation then God could escape partial responsibility. But I think Michael's contention is more absolute and less relative to agree to such a perspective.

I wrote this as a separate column as to not get in between Zjab's and Michael's dialog but its universal interest prompts me not to ignore the exchange.

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