Personal Reality-Symbolism series #2

Time Space and Mind

What is Time?, What is Space? How do they relate to being?

Being can be a declension of the verb 'be' used in the present active tense.

Being can be a noun as in the object noun human being.

How do time and space relate to being?

Where does mind get involved?

jjAll these questions point to a relationship called personal reality.

Although this complex interrelationship takes many words to describe, symbolicaly it's a piece of cake, no, actually a cross with a few circles demonstrating the advantage of symbolic presentation.

Philosophicaly crucifying a human being on a cross to illustrate the major aspects of reality could cause one to wonder if a hidden message might lie in the Crucifixion. Hidden and seemingly off the wall perhaps but I wonder.

Begin with a clean slate or sheet of unlined paper. Draw a straight line across half way up.

Let this represents linear time. Label the left end 'past' and the right 'future'.

In the center place a dot for 'now' Now draw a vertical line crossing the horizontal at the dot.

This we will call 'space'

Using the dot for a center draw a circle which will cover about 2/3 of the paper.

Draw a second very small one inside the first using the same center.

Label the large circle 'range of human mind'

Label small one 'here and now'

Erase the lines inside the small one and fill the small one with dots.

Now we are ready for step 2

© 2008 albert vallone (albert 1) - 8/31/13

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